Kin kin logoKin Kin Naturals are environmentally friendly cleaning products sold by the Ecovillage community company to Ecovillage residents. They are safe for local waste water treatment plants. We buy them in bulk so residents can all save on transport and cost per item. The products are produced by a Noosa-based family headed by a PhD qualified formulator named Felix, who used to work for OMO.

Kin Kin Naturals products are very effective and skin friendly as they don’t dry out your hands. They are made with subtle essential oil fragrances like tangerine and ylang ylang.

Current Product List

Kin Kin Products:Dish Tangerine nat

Dish-washing Liquid – Tangerine and Mandarin         1 litre   $8.00*

Laundry liquid – Lavender and Ylang Ylang                  1 litre  $8.00*

Oxygen Whitener – Lime.                                                   1 kg   $10.00

Dishwasher Powder – Lemon Myrtle and Lime             1 kg  $10.00

Bottles:       $2.00 each

Sustainable “Who Gives a Crap” products:

Bamboo Toilet Paper:     $1.50/roll

Kitchen Paper :                $3.50/roll

Achoo Tissues:                 $2.00/box

All sales are “cash only”

Pickup times:  Monday 10am – 11am at the room under the Old Dairy Library, next to the pizza oven.

*This is the discount price for those who bring the Kin Kin bottles back for refilling.

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